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Gen-Z and Ethical Business

The horrific killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis shook the world. He died within sight of a crowd of horrified bystanders, who pleaded with the police officer kneeling on his neck to relent. He did not.  Within hours of the killing, the latest in a long line of...

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Gen-Z and Digital ID

Out of thousands of people surveyed for a 2018 Barclaycard study into customer habits, 41% admitted they’d abandoned a basket at the checkout stage in the past year shopping online. Shopping in stores, only 24% had walked away from a sale.  Overall, Barclaycard...

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Education: Upskill or get left behind?

A report released by the CBI in October laid out a stark figure: by 2030 nine out of 10 British workers will need new skills to survive in the jobs market. It came with an equally clear warning, from CBI director general Carolyn Fairbairn, that “a failure to act will...

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Direct to Consumer – Unidays

Ask any online retailer what they would like to perfect about their business and the chances are most, if not all will tell you the same thing: customer affinity. It’s the oldest rule in the retail book, yet it is always changing. The core principle of keeping your...

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Graduate jobs market and Covid

A report released by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in April didn’t leave graduates or students much to be cheery about.  The paper, entitled, A Bad Time to Graduate, was filled with bleak predictions about the shape of the jobs market for graduates in 2020,...

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I am one of a fortunate few tech founders who has successfully scaled from a bootstrapped start-up to a global market leader... READ MORE

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